Tiki Studio

 The studio is modelled after a tiki bar! It started with bamboo coverings on the walls to absorb reflections and went from there. Tiki drinks have been known to be served at the end of tracking sessions. Tom has had years of experience in the music industry, and has had this recording studio since 2014.

Equipment available in the studio:
  • Instruments - Sonor Drum kit, Yamaha Bass, Fender Telecaster, Takamine Acoustic Guitar, Accordion, pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitars
  • Microphones - Audio Technica AT2020 and AT2021 condenser, Rode M5 matched condenser, Shure Beta 52A, SM57, SM58
  • Interfaces, preamps - ART Pro MPA-II Preamp, Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL 8-channel interface, Zoom R8 2-channel interface
  • M-Audio BX5 monitors
  • Cubase 10 DAW with Ozone mastering plug-in
Contact Tom for an estimate and package rate for the recording, mixing and mastering by providing information on your project, the number of songs, instrumentation, etc.


Tom has produced and mastered 4 albums in his studio for Vancouver bands The Palomars (rockabilly), DerbyTown (alt-country), and the Luc Josef Band (americana). Here is a sampling of the albums that Tom has produced, recorded, mixed and mastered. The album title links to the Spotify page for that album.

Mixed and Mastered at Tiki Studios, 3 tracks recorded at Tractorgrease Studio

Mixed at Tiki Studios, mastered by Heavyosonic Studios, Vancouver

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Tiki Studios

Recorded, mixed and matered at Tiki Studios