Pedal Steel Sessions

Tom has been doing pedal and lap steel guitar session work in recordings for a number of Pacific Northwest bands as noted below. He can work in a number of different musical styles including country, western swing, jazz, rockabilly, folk and ambient. He also plays accordion and mandolin. 

Here is a video of his latest self-produced single, "The Ballad of Billy Brown" which features Tom playing pedal steel guitar, mandolin and guitar:

Tom's steel guitar playing has appeared on these releases:

Steel Guitar credits – Tom Hammel


Release Date


Artist/Album Release


 January, 2024

A Woman When She's Crying

It's Slippin 

 The Gravel-Aires from "Westerly"

 Woodland Sound Studio

August, 2023

Teardrops from my Eyes

I Hear You Talkin

Slim Sandy & His Hillbilly Boppers from Album “Lazy Day”


October, 2023

How Can I Move On

Love Never Die

Wesley McCool from EP “October”


January, 2023

Mojave Moon

Ever After

Forget The Flowers


Hollywood Jimmie”

Tiki Studio

September, 2022

Why Me

Sheila Fritz

Marpole Recording, Langley, BC

January, 2022

The Ballad of Billy Brown

Tom Hammel – single release

Tiki Studio

November, 2020

Dreams To Forget

No Lonely Road

Night Train

No Lonely Road

Union Stree Studio, Melbourne, Australia

June, 2020

Ice Water
Sweet Love on My Mind

Sag Drag and Fall

Hillbilly Fevdr


Slim Sandy & His Hillbilly Boppers,

It Aint Right”


May, 2020

Call Me Down Off The Roof

Frankly Currie - Single



Means Nothing to Me Now

Kim Kondrashoff, Sandra Capadouca



Something You Were Born With

Horse Opera from “Lucky 13EP”

Heavyosonic, Vancouver

February, 2019

Roses and Gold

Jay Gavin and Tired Sunday Choir,

“Boat on a Whale”

Light Machine Records, Vancouver, BC

January, 2019

This Place Called Home

You & Me

Joe Charron from “This Place Called Home”

Heavyosonic, Vancouver

March, 2017


Lonesome City

Jesse Waldman from “Mansion Full of Ghosts”

Heavyosonic, Vancouver

September, 2015


DoveTails from “Between Field and Sunseet”

Heavyosonic, Vancouver

April, 2014

Hillbilly Boogie

You Want Everything But Me

After All

Neon Stars, from “6 Country & Western Classics     


Heavyosonic, Vancouver