Pedal Steel Session

Tom has been doing pedal and lap steel guitar session work in recordings for a number of Pacific Northwest bands as noted below. He can work in a number of different musical styles including country, western swing, jazz, rockabilly, folk and ambient.

Tom's steel guitar playing has appeared on these releases:

Release Date        Song          Artist/Album Release           Studio

November, 2020       Dreams To Forget, No Lonely Road,    Dan Challis-No Lonely Road

              Night Train                 

TBA            TBA                                 Lindsay Robertson                       Jesse Waldman, Waldman         

June, 2020                Ice Water           Slim Sandy & His Hilbilly Boppers It Aint Right”  Tiki Studios, Langley

              Sweet Love on My Mind

              It Aint Right

              Sag Drag and Fall

              Hillbilly Fever     

2020                 Means Nothing to Me Now      Kim Kondrashoff, Sandra Capadouca      Self-Produced

February, 2019         Roses and Gold          Tired Sunday Choir, Boat on a Whale      Light Machine Records, Van. BC

January, 2019          This Place Called Home        Joe Charron, This Place Called         HomeHeavyosonic, Vancouver

              You & Me

September,2018        Something You Were Born With Horse Opera                     Heavyosonic, Vancouver

TBA             Sailing By                    Sean McGrath                   Red Light Studios, Vancouver    

March, 2017             Ballerina           Jesse Waldman, Mansion Full of Ghosts     Heavyosonic, Vancouver   

              Lonesome City

September, 2015                 Forgiveness         The DoveTails                   Heavyosonic, Vancouver

April, 2014               Hillbilly Boogie        Neon Stars, 6 Country & Western Classics     Heavyosonic, Vancouver

             You Want Everything But Me

             After All


Other Sessions                                


Sept, 2020                Mastering          Luc Josef Band, EP “Sonovagun”          Self-Produced

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